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List of pharmaceutical products marketed in Canada.
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Updated: January 2021


Provide Canadians, primarily pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, with a quick way to access the Product Monograph of medications marketed in Canada. This website also provides interactive databases, and other resources.

What is a Product Monograph?

A scientific document on a drug product that describes the indications of use, contraindications, warnings and precautions, side effects, symptoms of overdose, pharmacology, interactions, monitoring parameters, recommended dosage, administration, dosage forms, active and inactive ingredients, storage and special handling instructions. It contains three sections: the first is for health professionals, the second is scientific information and the third section is for patients.

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Pharmaceutical products marketed in Canada grouped by key information:

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Drug schedulesAccess
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At a glance

  • 10,863

    Number of pharmaceutical products marketed in Canada*

  • 550

    Number of new products marketed in 2020**

  • 113

    Number of pharmaceutical companies in Quebec.
    Quebec companies produce ~40% of products marketed in Canada*.

*Products for human use and radiopharmaceuticals, incl. generic and original brands; Not included: veterinary drugs, and disinfectants.
**Incl. generic and original brands

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  • Medications with Health Canada safety alerts

    Medications are grouped by AHFS class.
    The list is not exhaustive and only includes medications with a single active ingredient.


  • Bookmarks

    Links to pharmacy news sites and journals, CED websites for pharmacists, databases and more.

  • COVID-19

    Links to useful resources.

  • Guidelines and websites by topic

    List of guidelines and useful websites sorted by health condition.

  • Health product safety alerts

    Safety alerts and advisories from Canada and other countries.

  • How to administer medications

    Links to useful resources.

  • Québec Pharmacie – index

    Available in french.

  • Quiz

    Match the brand name of medications to the common denominator.



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